SOS SOS SOS !  Dear anti waste-incinerator friends, would you please help us. 


Belgian Platform Environment and Health                                                                                                                Nieuwkerken, April 19 2002


The Flemish Green minister of Environment  Vera Dua took not into account

the negative advice of the Flemish Health Administration.

The health of our children is not a priority anymore for our green minister.



Flemish Green minister of Environment Vera Dua (also responsible for the INDAVER firm), reject now our formal and legal objection against the building of a fluidised bed furnace waste incinerator for a capacity of 466.000 ton/year. However the Flemish health administration has given a negative advice for building this waste incinerator.


On the 23 august 2001, our government was given the environmental license to operate a new INDAVER's waste incinerator for a capacity of 466.000 ton/year.  The location is at Beveren, in Flanders, Belgium, near the border of the the Netherlands.  Our government has a 54,2% participation in INDAVER.  In October we submitted a report to the minister Vera Dua, in accordance with the Flemish Environment low.  Now the minister rejected our objections against the construction of the waste incinerator.



Unfortunate, till now, we got not any support from 

Greenpeace Belgium for this fight. 

PLEASE, would you all be so kind, t

o bid GREENPEACE BELGIUM to fight 

against the new incinerator and to go in appeal! 




WE HAVE 60 days to go in appeal by the supreme administrative court  of Belgium.



The E-mail address:


Thank you all for your support!


At the INDAVER site in Beveren SLECO (50-50 participation of INDAVER and WATCO (SITA)) plans the construction of an installation for the co incineration of industrial waste and biosludge or similar waste.  It concerns the installation at Beveren of an incinerator plant of 466 000 tons/year - 143 MW.  This plant will have 2 or 3 incinerator lines with a thermal capacity of 48 or 72 MW each, based on the lower heating value, and a throughput of 21 or 31.5 tons/hour .


The waste is for 50 % sludge from municipal sewage water purification and for 50 % from high calorific residue of selected and sorted industrial waste.  The technology will be based on a fluidized bed furnace with steam boiler, for maximum energy recovery, and an advanced flue gas treatment to meet the current emission regulations


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