SLECO-Centrale nv

B- 2030 Antwerp
Chief Executive Director: Ronny Ansoms

Gatti de Gamondstraat 254
B-1180 Brussels
Executive Director: Philippe Decaluwe



Indaver and Watco are leading providers of treatment and management services for industrial waste and for household and comparable industrial waste. In 1999, both companies established the new 50/50 joint venture company, called 'sludge and co-treatment unit,' in short:

'SLECO-Centrale nv'
Gatti de Gamondstraat 254
B-1180 Brussels

The SLECO-Centrale nv partnership was created as a company with the objective of building and operating plants for the incineration with waste heat recovery of high calorific waste material and water treatment sludge.


To this end, SLECO-Centrale nv will build a fluidized bed incineration plant at the Indaver Beveren site. The incinerators will have an annual capacity of 233,000 tons of high calorific waste and 233.000 tons of water treatment sludge, for a total thermal capacity of 143 MW.



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