About the moratorium on Mass Burn Incineration in Flanders 


I like to tell the truth about wat is going on in Flanders with the green party


In Flanders is only a prohibition to burn selected waste and unsorted waste since 1 July 2000 (not 1997).  This is not a moratorium but a policy.  However no one cares about violations, because the Flemish government participates in INDAVER (builder of waste incinerators).  The governmental environment organizations are participating in the direction of INDAVER on behalf of the Flemish government.  So they refuge to control on the observe of the regulations.


Indaver is not a fifty-fifty participation, but the Flemish government is main shareholder with a participation of 54.2 percent.  It is the Flemish government, as main share-holder, who want to build waste incinerators in Ireland.  Indeed the Flemish government want to privatize the Flemish Environment Holding but with exception of Indaver


Green minister of environment Vera Dua refuged to annul the environment permet of Drogenbos project.  As Environment minister of Flanders she can do such a thing.  So the project Drogenbos is only rejected by the court! (not by minister Vera Dua!). Indaver is also participating in the Drogenbos project with a 25% share.


No waste incinerators were build the last 10 years in Flanders.  Indeed former minister Kelchtermans announced a moratorium on the building of new waste incinerators in 1997 (not on mass-burning).  Since that time :

- one waste incinerator was build in 2000 at Beveren by INDAVER with a capacity of 150,000 ton/year, licensed by the Flemish Government with the green party in this government   

- the Drogenbos project started

- another INDAVER incinerator with a capacity of 466,000 ton/year got a permit on 23 August 2001.

The government and INDAVER  build new incinerators, before building new separating and fermentation installations.


So you so the difference between words and actions.  That is what really happen in Flanders!


Belgian Platform Environment and Health