The three INDAVER waste incinerators at Beveren







(Industrial waste treatment)

Toxic ashes from the incinerators stored in open air

The new INDAVER waste Incinerator of 466,000 ton/year

Appeal by the supreme administrative court of Belgium to nullify and suspend the environmental licence 

for building a new waste incinerator at Beveren (Belgium) BY INDAVER on June 21 2002.

The proposal from Belgian company Indaver to build Ireland's first hazardous waste incinerator in Ringaskiddy (Ireland) has taken a new twist, particularly for the Green Party.  The application for the new waste incinerator in Belgium was approved by the Minister for the Environment and Agriculture, Ms Vera Dua, a member of the local Green Party


Health is not a priority any more for the 

green Flemish minister of environment Vera Dua .  

She has given the environmental licence to INDAVER to build 

three new waste incinerators and she 

ignore the negative advice from the 

Flemish Health Administration


The Document in dutch


The english translation